Multicultural Affairs Team Receives CCE Grand Performers Award

cloayza Stories

A reunion is a beautiful thing! The Utah Department of Cultural & Community Engagement, hosted their first retreat in three years for all divisions to rebuild connections and celebrate our accomplishments. As part of the celebration, they recognized staff members for their ongoing efforts in serving the state of Utah. The Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs team received the Grand Performers Award for our collective work in fostering inclusive and equitable environments for multicultural communities in Utah! We will continue to work in partnership with our sister divisions to bridge gaps in access and resources for all communities and we congratulate all awardees that were recognized yesterday!

Award Remarks:

“Over the past three years, the MCA team has found their groove. Their mission and vision to create greater inclusion became crystal clear, because of their ability to recognize where the need was and how best to serve…[they] are not afraid to actively reframe, reimagine, and restructure their work to engage and elevate the voices of historically underserved communities and to help every state agency focus on more equitable outcomes . Their team members came together as one cohesive unit. They are family. And they did this while growing and more than doubling in size. They embraced every new employee and fellow as a critical link on the team. Opposite of having growing pains, they thrived. They have supported each other, their partners and the community. They have developed curriculum, resources, and recommendations under incredible timelines and pressure. Totally rethinking their work. As a team, they always find innovative ways of serving. Each member has grown and has left their comfort zone. They engage in the work with a deep love and respect for the communities they serve. The shine of this team could not go unnoticed; it is radiant.”

Utah Department of Cultural & Community Engagement