COVID-19 Webinars & Online Events

The Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs (MCA), in collaboration with community organizations, will be hosting regular town halls and informational sessions with local experts to inform you of COVID-19 impacts and updates. Our hope is that we can work together to ensure that communication and updates regarding COVID-19 are streamlined and accessible. 

MCA Webinars:

These webinars are free and open to the public. Recording of all webinars will be available soon after they air.  Please note that some webinars will be held in languages other than English to increase accessibility to resources. 

Community Webinars:

These webinars are created and hosted by community organizations and advocates to further the work of equity and resource-building for our multicultural communities. 

Have a specific COVID-19 topic you would like to learn more about in a future webinar?

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