Facilitate Difficult Discussions

Addressing barriers and concerns in a space that limits conflict or potentially threatening actions or ideas, opens opportunities for understanding. Learn more about how to foster conversations that lead to action.

Libraries Transforming Communities has provided an interactive workbook to help facilitators create effective community conversations. The workbook provides detailed information on the necessary steps and logistics to consider when organizing community forums, as well as suggestions for facilitating challenging dialogues.

  • Topic: Value of community conversations
  • Audience: Academic, Community, Workplace
  • Purpose: Strengthen librarians roles are community leaders.

RING Garden has provided a concise and easy-to-navigate guide that covers both the facilitation and the organization of a community meeting. RING Garden’s guide allows the reader to understand the complex but manageable process of planning and implementing a community meeting.

  • Topic: Logistics of community meetings
  • Audience: Community
  • Purpose: Provide to-do list for organizing a public meeting.

The Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning at Brown University has provided a step-by-step guide for effectively facilitating group discussions. This guide addresses the role discussion leaders play, and also outlines the do’s, the don’ts they should abide by, as well as the potential problems they will face.

  • Topic: General group discussions
  • Audience: Academic, Community, Workplace
  • Purpose: Provide best practices for facilitating discussions.

Everyday Democracy has provided a compilation of 7 crucial tips for discussion facilitation, with an emphasis on community-police relations. In this set of tips, they make sure to highlight the role race plays in this type of discussion.

  • Topic: Community-police relations
  • Audience: Community, Workplace
  • Purpose: Build transparent and stable relationship between communities of color and police forces.