Celebrate Pioneer Day this year, Utah! Events are being held across the state throughout the end of July to celebrate our shared history in finding a place to belong.

What is Pioneer Day?

Utah has celebrated Pioneer Day (July 24th) for over 170 years to commemorate the entry of Latter-Day Saint pioneers into Utah's Salt Lake Valley in 1847. It marks our state's journey in creating belonging and a sense of place, and striving to work together for a brighter future.  This year, may we engage with each other to preserve traditions, recognize complex histories, and understand that Pioneer Day and being a “pioneer” can resonate with a variety of people. We invite you explore that idea to expand the lens of how we celebrate this holiday. Let’s have more open discussions so we can address the past to include everyone’s story, collaborate in the present, and celebrate the pioneers in our lives. 

Eager to learn more? Check out Utah Education Network for more on the history of Pioneer Day in Utah.

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29th Annual Native American Celebration in the Park


Days of '47

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Mosaic Reflections on Pioneer Day

Celebrate our shared history.

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