As a sign of commitment for ensuring equitable resources and services to all Utahns, the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs and the Utah Multicultural Commission are inviting leaders from diverse communities and state agencies to accept and act on the Utah 123 for Equity Pledge and help promote an inclusive climate for all Utah's multicultural communities.

The Challenge

Utah leads the nation in job growth and shows no signs of slowing down, yet some of the most important educational indicators such as Utahn's student high school graduation rates are not even in the nation's top ten, behind states such as Missouri, Iowa, and Texas.

The Solution: A 3-Step Approach

Utah's equity toolkit is a guide for being a model state in ensuring equitable resources and services to all Utahns.
1. Start with leaders
2. Implement Intercultural Training
3. Use Metrics

Pledge for Equity

On behalf of my organization, I pledge my commitment towards working to achieve the Utah Call to Action to eliminate disparities for all Utahns and to ensure equitable resources and services are delivered to all persons.

My Pledge for Equity
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