Recent wide-spread reports and countless data reveals COVID-19 disproportionately impacts racially and ethnically diverse communities. This current crisis confirms and magnifies pre-existing social determinants of health, bringing into focus the cumulative impacts of systemic inequities, and lingering policies of racism.



Grants of up to $50,000 were provided to organizations in Utah working in emergency basic needs assistance to multicultural communities, including but not limited to utilities, rent, transportation, food assistance, and case management. Attention was given to ensure wide geographic distribution of grant funding, focusing on communities that have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

Questions? Any questions regarding the grant can be directed to (801) 900-3478 or MCAgrants@utah.gov.


We have awarded 126 grants to non-profit and community based organizations governments across the state of Utah. Our investments totaled more than $4 million and have increased capacity for these groups to serve their communities during COVID-19. See the list below for the organizations funded during the 2020 grant period. 

Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program
Al-Huda Islamic Center
Alliance Community Services, Alianza Comunitaria
American Indian Services
Asian Association of Utah
Bhutanese Community in Utah
Box Elder Community Pantry
Box Elder Family Support Center
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salt Lake
Building Up Youth
Cache Community Food Pantry
Cache Refugee & Immigrant Connection
Casa Castillo Foundation Inc
Calvary Baptist Church
Catholic Community SVCS Utah
Centro De La Familia De Utah
Cherish Families
Child and Family Empowerment Foundation
Children's Service Society of Utah
Utah Chinese Association
Choice Humanitarian
Christ for the Nations Church
Christian Center of Park City
Columbus Community Center"
Community Nursing Services
Comunidad Materna en Utah
CONNECT Summit County
Creek Valley Health Clinic

The Racial Equity & Inclusion Grant provided much needed financial assistance to purchase computers, ultimately helping refugee students and their families to have adequate technology to access resources, to learn, and to connect with the complex world around them. One device is able to help up to 10 people in one household, a great return on investment and we are so grateful for such an opportunity. 
Fiston Mwesige | Umoja Generation

Purpose of the FUND

The Racial Equity and Inclusion Fund, through the leadership of the Multicultural Advisory Committee of the State of Utah's COVID-19 Response, will provide grants to community-based organizations (CBOs) to provide emergency support and financial assistance to disproportionately impacted communities, which will also focus on lasting impact to alter systemic disparities.  

A racial equity approach will also help redress and dismantle the historical disadvantage that people of color, and organisations led by people of color, have been subject to.


Racial equity is achieved when one's racial identity no longer predicted how one fares in their health, wealth, education, and sociocultural outcomes.

To achieve racial equity also means that people of all races and socioeconomic status are equally seen, heard, valued, respected, and considered in all decision-making processes.


The broader economic crisis surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has left individuals and families without resources for food, housing, utilities, and other essentials. Many vulnerable workers and families in our community are being left out of federal stimulus support. For example, the CARES Act excludes both undocumented residents and mixed-status households in which at least one member is undocumented. 

Stakeholders of this initiative believe addressing racial disparities in emergency assistance and distribution of resources is an essential step towards building a more fair and just community, especially as we survive and overcome the health, sociocultural and economic impacts of the pandemic.

In the Face of An Emergency and Beyond

Through this fund, we aim to increase the ability for organizations working on behalf of marginalized and systematically isolated communities to sustain a more equitable future for themselves and their communities.


A Racial Equity and Inclusion Advisory Council will be composed of diverse members from the Multicultural Advisory Committee of the State of Utah's COVID-19 Response, the Multicultural Commission, the Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Commission, leaders from the private sector, corporate and private foundations and philanthropists, and social impact investors. The fund will be managed by the Utah Department of Heritage and Arts. 

This Council will ensure that we examine the role of race, access, and immigration status as we analyze problems, seek solutions and center equity to address the impacts of COVID-19 and beyond with this fund.

Join us in addressing racial disparities by donating to support community-based organizations that are serving underrepresented communities.


How You Can Help as a Funding Partner

If you are a company or philanthropist who is committed to racial equity and would like to support the fund financially and become a partner, contact npena@utah.gov.

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