The Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs aims to centralize online resources related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that education builds awareness and can create understanding necessary to break down division. We are committed to elevating opportunities that cultivate vibrant communities by increasing inclusive initiatives in Utah.

123 Pledge for Equity

As a sign of commitment for ensuring equitable resources and services to all Utahns, the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs and the Utah Multicultural Commission are inviting leaders from diverse communities and state agencies to accept and act on the Utah 123 for Equity Pledge and help promote an inclusive climate for all Utah's multicultural communities.

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The Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs is developing training resources on diversity, race relations, and inclusion. Interested in promoting inclusivity in your professional or community setting? Sign-up below for more information!

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Self-Guided Learning

Facilitate Discussions

Foster conversations that encourage diverse perspectives.

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Identify Implicit Bias

Explore unconscious bias to create awareness and build empathy.

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 Cultivate Inclusive Communities

Promote inclusion to leverage a community's full potential. 

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Unpack Race

Discuss race relations in constructive ways.

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Gain insight into your internal workings around diversity and inclusion to identify where your respective setting stands in promoting opportunity for all. When employees, constituents, and fellow community members feel included and valued, innovation and productivity follow.

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