Unpacking Race

Race can be viewed as both a sensitive and controversial topic. By "unpacking" the historical and contemporary frameworks used to define racial relations, open conversation and systemic healing can be achieved. Explore how to talk about race in constructive ways.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Racial Equity Resource Guide has provided a glossary that contains a number of terms regarding race and racial equity. The definitions are detailed and also come with examples and sources.

  • Topic: Definitions and shared language
  • Audience: Academic, Community, Individual, Workplace
  • Purpose: Avoid misunderstandings by clearly defining terms related to racial justice.

The Center for Social Inclusion has provided a toolkit that discusses how to talk about race and how to unpack race relations. This resource focuses on 3 main pillars: Affirm, Counter, and Transform. It also provides a glossary for shared language among participants’ which is important for creating a common framework.

  • Topic: Conversations on race
  • Audience: Academic, Community, Workplace
  • Purpose: Advance racial equity without triggering implicit bias.