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“Magnify Utah" is all about people, places, and stories. By focusing on these things, we can all better magnify, share, and celebrate Utah's evolving story.
Take a few minutes to explore the heartbeat behind our great state—our ability to connect.

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Magnify Utahns

Learn about Utahns of various backgrounds, callings, and experiences. Both those who chose to come to Utah as well as those who continue to choose Utah as their home.

My Family Diary Stories

Stories to elevate the voices of first-generation families living in Utah. First-generation meaning immigrant, new transplant, refugee, asylee, anyone that has a new Utahn experience from a family perspective. A family, like any other, hopes to find structure, opportunity, peace, and connection within a community.

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Homegrown Stories

Stories of people who have been born or raised in Utah and are laying down roots to continue to invest in their home state. Learn about some of our longtime community members, Utahns who have grown up here, and others who continue to love and live the spirit of One Utah.

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chosen home Stories

Stories of how people chose to come to Utah and continue to choose Utah as the place to build out their future and story of thriving. Learn about some of our stationed service members and veterans, immigrant and New Americans, transplants, and other Utahns contributing to our our state.

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    Striving for One Utah Together: Magnify Utah Partner Toolkit

    We invite you to use your networks to bring more awareness to Magnify Utah. Check out our partner toolkit, featuring graphics and messages that you can share and uplift. When we celebrate all and who makes us Utah, we can thrive and better understand how to shape a bright future as a state. 

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    Magnify Utah’s Community Pages capture organizations that support communities through resources, connections, and opportunity-building. Information found at external links on partner websites do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Utah Department of Cultural and Community Engagement (CCE), Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs, or divisions associated with CCE. The intent of this resource is to centralize information, not to endorse. The Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs reserves the right to accept or reject any submission or suggestion that does not align with the mission of Magnify Utah.